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Family And Farm

Uhlianuk's Speciaties From the Farm, LLC

A family owned, family run, old school, Michigan farm.

On our farm, everyone gets dirty. The help, the kids, the dogs, even grandma.

Our hands are dirty, our feet are dirty, our clothes are dirty. You can't believe where you can find
 dirt after a day in the field. And we love it. We don't use chemicals. We say no to GMO.
Our produce is naturally grown so our children can pick and eat in the fields all day long.
We wouldn't live any other way.

We sweat through the heat waves, weather the storms and fret the droughts and frosts.
We start to plant our greenhouses in February when we are usually  buried in snow.
And we love it.

We prepare the fields in March and April when we are knee deep in mud. The tractors usually get
stuck, our boots get pulled off, we freeze, but you can smell spring coming.

And we love it.

We plant the fields in May, feel our farm muscles ache, swat the mosquitoes and the deer flies but
 you can see summer on the horizon.

And we love it.

In June and early July we weed. And weed. And weed. And weed. And chase the deer out.
And weed and wait........ We wont say we love that.
We tough it out.

We pray for rain. We pray for warm nights. Pray for sun.
We pray Mother Nature will be on our side this year. And we wait........

And then one morning someone walks in from the field with the first ripe heirloom tomato.
We cheer. We fight over it for breakfast and we breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Our harvest season begins!

As our 2012 harvest begins, we are enthused to open THE BERKLEY FARM STAND
and share our bounty and those of our neighboring farms with Berkley and the surrounding
communities. Less than 24 hours from soil to stand. That is our pledge.

When you buy directly from our farm, the produce is super fresh, super nutritious and super free of
chemicals and other harmful junk. We know you will taste the difference.

Don't mind the little bits of dirt here and there.

We just want you to feel like part of the team.

Thank you for supporting Michigan farmers.
Life is good.
And we love it.

The Uhlianuk Family

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